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Can you feel it? It’s El Nino and the experts are saying it is back.

What does that mean for us here in Alaska? According to KTVA it means a warmer and wetter remainder of the winter and early spring.

We have already seen above average snowfall in our location. As a farmer, there are good and bad aspects of this weather pattern.

common ground alaska farm snow 2019

Clearing snow away from the tree trunks in the orchard.

Snow provides insulation for our crops that are wintering over which certainly helps them survive our harsh arctic climate.

An earlier and warmer spring could provide extra days growing days early in the season which is always a plus.

But, extra snow requires diligence. In the fall, we have to wrap each tree trunk with sheet metal and the bushes are wrapped in aluminum foil. This is to keep hungry burrowing rodents from chewing circles in the bark and ultimately killing the plant. Extra snow means we must sludge our way through the snow to dig it away from the trees to the top of the metal protection. With over 300 plants, this provides a great workout over the winter!

We will see how it plays out!

Either way, spring will start to show itself in a few weeks. Are you as excited as we are?

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