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Here is the bottom line: Alaska imports way too much food. This not only leaves us vulnerable to natural disasters, and national emergencies, in many cases, it also means diminished nutrition in the foods we purchase to nourish ourselves and our families.

Less than 4 months ago, we experienced an earthquake that should have served as a wake-up call. Alaska is vulnerable to events that can cut us off from our primary food source.

I often hear how it is impossible to provide the foods we need here in Alaska. Sure, we can’t grow some things some of us may be accustomed to, but our basic needs can be met within Alaska if we work as communities and support our local growers.

Currently, local farmers are working to provide more #alaskagrown diversity. Rhubarb juice, honeyberries, cold hardy cherries, and more!

Food security in Alaska is not impossible. It will require deliberate choices with a vision and heavy collaboration within communities.

How will you support Alaska grown? Will you add space in your back yard to supplement your own groceries, start a farm, or support local farmers? This is an exciting time to be involved in agriculture here in Alaska.

By the way, hat tip to Alaska Farmland Trust for the photo. And if you are looking for farmland – they provide amazing opportunities for beginning farmers.

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