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Plant Pickup Days

alaska grown cantaloupe


We love having you, our friends and neighbors, pick up your preordered plants and hearing you share your garden/orchard dreams. 

If you've ordered plants from us, you will receive an email in early spring with information on picking up the plants you've preordered. 

We typically open two weekends in a row to make sure everyone is able to schedule a time that works for them. 

Some things to know about spring pickup: 

  • Depending on how spring breakup is going, we may have you park a ways away from the greenhouse and bring your plants to you. We can't ever predict how soft the ground will be. 
  • The plants are fresh from the propagator so although they are on the small side, they will grow quickly in their first year. 
  • Unless you've ordered a lot of plants, they should fit just fine in your car but the pots do have holes and it's possible they could leak a bit if they've recently been watered so it's a good idea to bring a box lined with a garbage bag or some plastic to protect your carpet in your car. 
  • If you have any questions at all about raising your plants, we would LOVE to answer them while you are here - just ask away! This is the best time to catch us and learn everything you need. 


alaska u-pick farm

Before we get into the "to-dos" and "to-dont's", we want to say we are so so grateful that you are choosing to spend part of your day at our farm.

It's an honor to host people from our community and to get to know you all. Our mission has always been to bring communities back together and to bring families back to the farm. 

We LOVE hearing stories about your orchards and gardens, your families, and your recipes and preservation ideas!

BATHROOMS: YES! We do have a bathroom available! It's a portable one but it has a sink (and no stink)! 

CLOTHING: Wear proper shoes, knowing that you'll be walking on dirt (or mud) and grass, not pavement and gravel. Also, it's a good idea to bring a hat for the hot days and a raincoat for unexpected rain showers. 

*SWAT*: The mosquitoes love the farm as much as you do. Come prepared. 

CONTAINERS: We provide containers for picking, but you will need to bring containers to get your goodies home. 

Methods of payment: Cash or card. 

We don't take it lightly that you choose us. However, we do have a few rules. I'm sorry they bear saying because it seems common courtesy but, we've learned, common courtesy isn't as common as we thought. 

DOGS: We love dogs (chances are you'll meet our St. Bernard Myrtle and our Borgie Addi while you're here)! But we ask that you leave yours at home. We take the biosecurity of our farm very seriously meaning that we can't have unknown critters on our place. If you must bring your dog, it will need to stay in your car the entire time you're here. If they need to go potty, there is public land up the road. 

KIDS: Kids are welcome, but if they run amuck and put our plants or others in danger, they will need to sit in your car and watch the picking fun from afar. Here are some examples of things your kids (or husbands) may NOT do while in the orchard: 

  • Pick berries and apples to throw at people or on the ground
  • Run through the orchard grabbing tree limbs (believe it or not, it's happened, and they broke a tree in half!)
  • Pick up our dogs 
  • Eat their weight in fruit (I KNOW how tempting that is!)

In general, we ask that everyone respect our orchard and the farmer's years of work (and the farmer's wife's lack of Hawaiian vacations spent investing in the orchard instead). 

SAMPLES: Taste away - it's perfectly okay to be curious how they all taste! Just remember, it's a sample, not lunch. This is a great time to teach your kids about the difference between sampling and stealing. 

RUNNING OUT OF FRUIT: Sometimes we run out of fruit, we try not to, but it happens. If we don't think we will have fruit for your appointment, we will do our best to get ahold of you before you head our way and will put you at the first of the list for the next picking. 


farm tour common ground alaska

We would LOVE to give you a tour of the farm from spring - fall. Just give us a call and we can make the arrangments. 

Depending on your needs, we also offer hands-on training if you're wanting to learn how to graft, thin, prune, etc. 

Farm tours/training tours cost $30/hour for individuals or groups unless alternate arrangements are made. 


groups common ground alaska

We LOVE having groups come to pick together. Grab a couple of friends, pack a picnic lunch, and plan an afternoon in the orchard! Give us a call or email us to set it up! 


Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 9.19.32 PM



We are so glad you are here ...

We would like to invite you to join us as we share stories, wisdom, and education with others. Check out our socials to see past interviews and to stay informed of future talks. 

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