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U-Pick Farm

About Us

There once was a fellow who had a passion for farming. This wasn’t just something he loved but it was also something he was very very good at.

But that farmer moved from a moderate climate to a harsh, barren land where folks said it would be crazy to try to farm.

There were many hurdles. He worked full time and commuted 3+ hours per day. He had a family, a busy life, and a tight budget. But he also had grit and determination. So one day, he started clearing a field...

What's Your Story?

In Alaska, all too often we hear the words "can't" and "garden" in the same sentence. 
We are excited to announce the launch of CGA TV coming soon. The purpose of CGA TV is to share success stories that will encourage, inspire, and educate so that we can all garden with confidence.

If you are interested in being a guest on CGA TV, please let us know! We love talking dirt! 


Do your hands crave the feel of warm soil?
Does your soul long for more of Jesus?

Join us for a day filled with worship, refreshment, and exciting classes 
to enhance your arctic green thumb.

The day also includes an Alaska Grown Farm to Table lunch and a stunning hanging basket designed by YOU! 

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