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Who We Are

Who We Are
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To build a community that can achieve food freedom through sustainable, simple, and traditional living and to feed Alaskans the best foods possible from our farm.

By learning from folks much wiser than us and through trial and error, we are learning to embrace our Alaska climate instead of fighting it. 


What started as an accidental CSA has turned into several acres of orchard and the reality of living your farmer's dream of owning and running his own farm. 

We now offer u-pick fruits and berries on the farm. We also grow cantaloupe and have a nursery of Alaska-hardy plants. 

Currently, we have honeyberries (haskaps), currants, saskatoon berries, Alaska-hardy bush cherries, and apples in the orchard. We also grow seasonal produce, including strawberries and cantaloupe. 


In 2023, we started offering homesteading classes for all ages. We partner with some of the wisest Alaskans we can find on each subject and offer classes that truly work for Alaskans.

All classes are offered in-person either at the Lions Club in Big Lake or directly on the farm. Many classes also have a live feed so you can watch them from the comfort of your own home. All classes are then recorded and will soon be available in our Sustainable Alaska Academy.


In his off time, the farmer spends his winters working in his forge making knives, tools, and even jewelry. 


There once was a fellow who had a passion for farming. This wasn’t just something he loved but it was also something he was very very good at. It brought him satisfaction to see a seedling grow to produce fruit. He enjoyed seeing chubby grins of toddlers eating a fresh strawberry. And it did a good work on his soul to build up and nourish his ground and bring the soil to life. He had an uncanny ability to be able to run the dirt through his hands and see what was lacking and what was good.

But that farmer moved from a moderate climate to a harsh, barren land where folks said it would be crazy to try to farm. There were plenty of things to do outdoors in Alaska, he didn’t need to plant anything ... so he thought.

After a couple of years, he found himself thinking about fruit trees and compost piles. So he started to research. Know what he found out? There are people in Alaska who farm - and it is working for some! This was exciting! So he resourced, researched, asked questions, and bought a rototiller.

There were many hurdles. He worked full time and commuted 3+ hours per day. He had a family, a busy life, and a tight budget. But he also had grit and determination. So one day, he started clearing a field. Just a small area. He chopped trees, tilled ground, hauled manure, and wore through several pairs of leather gloves, but before long he had a fenced-in area that had rich, soft dirt. It was time to plant some dreams in the form of apple trees.

The farmer’s story is still developing. Harsh winters, unscrupulous vendors, disease, discouragement, time and money constraints all worked against him as he pursued his dream BUT HE KEPT ON.

After five years of waiting, praying, and wiping his brow, this fellow, your farmer, is on the brink of making his dream a reality. He is looking forward to opening his farm to the public, hopefully in the spring of 2019.

So if you have a dream, a calling, a passion, or just something you are wanting to do, know this. Your farmer and I are cheering you on! We would love to hear all about it and support you any way we can! What is your dream and what are you doing to make it a reality?

We want to hear from you!

"He had a family, a busy life, and a tight budget ...

Meet the Team

Currently a three-Alaskan team, we are working hard to share the fruits of our labor. 



Your Farmer and the boss.
Gene is the brain, the backbone, the wisdom and the courage behind Common Ground Alaska.

He runs the farm, takes most of the photos, and is the eyes behind the design.

Besides farming, Gene loves hiking, time with family, and doing most anything outside.  
Tandy Hogate


Wind beneath His wings and freelance writer
Tandy is the visionary and the voice behind the scenes. As the marketing and media director, she is the primary one you will talk to both online and in person. 

And she will do just about anything to get out of housework.

To read more of her writing you can visit her website at
Shouting in the snow


Balancer and all-around-fun 11-year-old
Abbi works hard to keep things fun around the farm. She is also the brain behind the name.

She is the sunshine when our skies are gray and the first to step in when someone needs help.

She is passionate about animals and loves spending time with her friends, crafting, and watching Little House on the Prairie. 

We are so glad you are here ...

We would like to invite you to join us as we share stories, wisdom, and education with others. Check out our socials to see past interviews and to stay informed of future talks. 

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