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Every stalk of corn tended carefully all summer; gone.

With only one greenhouse, every square foot of space inside is carefully allotted. Over 1/3 was planted in corn and it was growing and kerneling up nicely. We were going to have quite the crop!

In Alaska, this is quite the feat!

So you can imagine my shock when I started the water and the plant started to lean, roots ripping from the ground as the top-heavy stalks gave way. It started in one corner, each stalk falling into the next like precisely placed dominoes.

Your farmer came in and could immediately tell that I was frustrated.

I said, “Gene, something is just wrong with this corn! I’ve never seen corn that falls over like this!”

corn stands tall through trials

Like us, corn is able to stand tall even through major windstorms, because it grows deeper roots with every small storm.

My kind, wonderful, and wise farming husband answered, “Tandy, this corn was raised in the greenhouse. It has never experienced drought, wind, excess heat, animals walking through it, nothing! It’s been protected from the time it was planted.”

He went on to explain, “It’s just like people. In life, we face trials too. Sometimes we have to bend. Sometimes we must stand strong. But we must never ever let adversity break us. Our roots must be deep in the ground. If we don’t face trials, often our roots aren’t deep. We become shallow and the smallest trial, even if it’s been put in our life as a blessing (like water for the corn), will break us.”

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