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Termination Dust. 

Marking the close of summer’s endless daylight and fall’s crisp colors, winter has shown it is ready to make an appearance here in Alaska. 

If you are not already aware, termination dust is the term used for the first snow on the mountains in the fall. Legend has it that snow will fall on the valley floor within 6 weeks of the first showing of snow on the mountain peaks. Originally the term termination dust was used by construction workers meaning their seasonal work would soon be “terminated”. Either way, termination dust ushers in Alaska’s longest season, winter. 


alaska termination dust

Termination Dust signifies to Alaskans that winter will not be held back much longer, terminating the end of another glorious summer in Alaska.


Some rejoice when they see dust on the mountains. They live for winter activities! For others, a sense of dread is hard to shake as we start to spend the darker evenings inside and pull out our boxes of Baffins and wool mittens. 

Either way, winter is on its way. And since we’re Alaskans, we are going to make the most of it! 

What are your favorite winter activities?

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