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Have you seen Princess Bride? If so, you will recognize the name of our farm dog. Fezzik lives up to his namesake in most regards. He is fiercely loyal to his farm and family. He is a gentle friend to those he trusts. And, though he’s not a giant, he is not small!

Sweet Fezzik is pretty low key most of the time. He spends his days walking the fencelines or watching for anything amiss. He spends his nights listening for danger, intruders, or his worst enemy — moose! Fezzik takes his moose watch seriously. When an angry mama moose charged him, he charged right back using his big body and even bigger bark and chased her back into the woods. He is ever aware of all of the goings on and is not afraid to help any way his protective brain tells him is necessary.

He is a livestock guardian (Maremma) but since he doesn’t have livestock to guard at this time, he guards his people and his orchard with all of his might. Anytime we are outside, he is right there with us. If we dig, he digs. If we pick berries, he waits for us to hand him some to eat. If we sit at the bonfire, he sits with us or near us, ever aware of our surroundings.

Fezzik’s loyalty and heart for his people and farm inspire me to be a better, more loyal human. He is always on the lookout for what is best. If I’m sad, he will just come to sit quietly with me, resting his head on my lap. If I am nervous, he picks up on it immediately and stays by my side until I am out of harm’s way. If there is a critter close to the orchard, he runs them off without hesitation or fear.

fezzik alaska maremma farm dog in his orchard

Fezzik, the maremma alaska farm dog, protecting his orchard and his little girl.

fezzik the alaska farm dog

Fezzik the Alaska Farm Dog is ever aware of his surroundings and protects his farm and people well.

fezzik alaska farm dog dirt maremma

Fezzik the Alaska Farm Dog loves digging in the dirt as much as his farmer.

I agree that dogs are man’s best friend, but I also think they are a farm’s best friend. Don’t you?

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