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Shop Our Online Farmstand

Alaska Bare Root Strawberry Plants



Get your Alaska bare root strawberry plants here! These popular little gems will keep you in berries all summer long! We sell two different options, please check for availability. (SEASCAPE ARE SOLD OUT FOR THE 2022 SEASON – but we still have plenty of delicious Honeoye plants!)

alaska bare root strawberry plants

SEASCAPE ARE SOLD OUT FOR THE 2022 SEASON: Seascape has proven itself to be a producer of very large berries that are flavorful and super sweet. We plant these yearly as an annual because they regularly deliver big, sweet, juicy berries the first year. Although they rarely survive the winter, we really don’t mind replanting yearly in order to have amazing, sweet, juicy, and really big berries consistently year after year. They are excellent in beds or containers.

Honeoye is our very favorite perennial strawberry with plants that survive most winters and keep producing delicious berries year after year!

These come in bunches of 25 plants and are $16.95 per bunch. They will produce beautiful berries from mid-summer well into fall.

We are including a planting guide and a mini strawberry cookbook with each order. Just because we love doing this and we LOVE helping you be successful!



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